• Collagen reacts very predictably to the application of heat

  • At higher temperatures, shorter treatment times can be used to achieve maximum contraction

  • At a temperature of ~65°C, treatment time must be >= 152 seconds for significant contraction to occur

  • At a temperature of 85°C, treatment time can be reduced to 0.044 seconds (~3,500 times faster)

  • Data show Renuvion® rapidly heats tissue to 85°C for just long enough for collagen to achieve maximum contraction

  • With Renuvion, heating and cooling back to baseline occurs in less than 0.75 seconds


  • The unique Renuvion energy—helium plasma and proprietary RF—allows for precisely-controlled delivery of heat to tissue, with minimal thermal spread

  • Rapid heating with near-instantaneous cooling (see figure 1) allows for shorter duration of activation, and therefore less diffusion of heat to the skin

  • Studies show that during subdermal use of Renuvion, temperature at the surface of the skin does not rise by more than 4°C; because of this, external temperature-monitoring is not required (see figure 2)